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Young People’s Strategy

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Next steps

All ideas and views received will be used to help shape the strategy.

What we consulted on

Haringey Council feels it is very important that young people are happy and succeed in life.  To help us support young people to be happy and succeed we are developing a Young People’s Strategy. The Strategy will explain what we, and our partners, think are the important areas we should work on to help young people.

This will be a three year Strategy that will change and grow as we get your feedback.

Our four suggested priorities are:

  1. Supporting young people to make a positive contribution and celebrating their efforts.
  2. Improving access to education, training and employment.
  3. Improving young people’s health and wellbeing
  4. Ensuring young people feel safe

We want to hear your ideas and views and will use these to help shape the Strategy.

But once a strategy is agreed, that isn’t the end. On its own the strategy is just a few sheets of paper talking about support for young people, but we’re serious about making real changes that help to deliver the priorities we agree. So we’re making a commitment to work with young people to jointly design and deliver the services they use and to better involve young people in the decisions made by the council that affect them now and into the future.

Your feedback

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