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Early Help

In Haringey we define Early Help as the information, advice, guidance, support and interventions that enable children and families to remain safely in their communities. We seek to improve their outcomes, sustain family relationships and reduce the need for more specialist support. The Youth Team are part of the Early Help and Prevention Service and contribute to the service objectives and Haringey’s corporate priorities under the vision of the Youth Strategy:

"Haringey will create communities that enable young people to thrive and flourish: to be safe, social and successful."

The Youth Team work with young people aged 10-19 and up to 25 for young people with special educational needs.

Early Help Offer video

This video is about the Early Help Offer available to all families in Haringey:

Team Aims

To deliver consistent, high quality, flexible and effective support enabling Haringey families, specifically young people, to become self-sufficient, resilient and successful.

Team Objectives

  • To provide opportunities and activities to young people that develop their personal, social and independent skills as well as supporting them to achieve in education
  • Work holistically with young people to build their resilience through a range of creative interventions
  • Seek an integrated approach to delivery of services through effective partnerships with stakeholders including young people and their families
  • To provide a voice and platform for young people and to support their involvement in local decision making

We are currently updating our site. If you have any queries in the meantime please email us at:

You may also find the main Haringey Council website useful which also has a section for parents. This covers mainly the academic side of things with advice on Key Transition Points, career guidance, college information and much more.

To find out more about the Youth Space team see the About Us page.

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