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Staying Safe

Bus Crime

Bus crime made the news with statistics being released showing the best and worst boroughs for bus crime. Read the article in the Evening Standard (external link).

If you have been affected by any of the issues mentioned you can report any concerns you may have on the TfL website (external link).

Below are some agencies you can turn to for advice and support on staying safe - this is not only for physical safety, but also online safety and bullying. Victim support offer a range of services to help you cope with the aftermath of a crime and Think Safe, Team Up offers advice on how you can keep yourself safe and where to find help if you need it.

Victim Support

Have you been affected by crime?

Victim SupportCrime can affect anyone of us whatever our age, but Victim Support, a national charity, recognises that young people are at an increased risk. They are completely independent of the police and other authorities and invite young people affected by crime to come to them for free confidential support. They will support you whether or not you want to report the crime.

More Information on Victim Support

Dealing with crime can be very difficult. That's where Victim Support can help.

Victim Support can provide a free and confidential service for:

  • emotional support
  • practical help and advocacy
  • crime prevention advice
  • personal alarms
  • criminal injuries compensation information and much more

You don't need to tell the police, your parents or your friends but you can tell us and we'll support you.

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Emergency Duty Social Work Team

  • serious and urgent difficulties with children and young people
  • child protection issues
  • urgent concerns about a person with a physical or a sensory disability
  • people with severe learning difficulties or mental health problems who are in crisis
  • necessary action under the Mental Health Act

If you have an urgent problem when offices are closed, Haringey has an 'out of hours' service for emergencies. An emergency is considered to be something that cannot wait until the next working day when the full range of services will be available.

To contact the Emergency Duty Social Work Team call 020 8348 3148

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Stop and Search: what you need to know

'Stop and Search' is when a police officer stops and detains you to carry out a search if they suspect you are carrying any kind of illegal items (fireworks, weapons, illegal drugs, firearms, stolen property, etc.). See the leaflet below to find out what you need to know if you are stopped by a police officer:

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Report crime online

keyboardThis service can be used for reporting certain types of crime, including:

  • Theft - excluding:
    • Robbery (where you or the person you are reporting for was subjected to violence or the threat of violence.
    • Burglary (a building has been broken into).
  • Criminal damage
  • Theft from a motor vehicle
  • Criminal damage to a motor vehicle
  • Hate crimes and hate incidents

Please note: do not report Road Traffic Accidents, collisions or lost property on this site.

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