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Haringey Community Gold

Haringey Community Gold in the community. Engaging young people - Building relationships - Introduction to new opportunities

Our impact - mini-documentary about Haringey Community Gold

As part of Haringey Community Gold’s 3-year journey, our young people pulled together a mini-documentary to highlight the work, and celebrate the successes of the programme. On Wednesday 15 September 2021, the team showcased the film at Cineworld in Wood Green, and you can now watch this below.


About our journey

Three years ago we were awarded £1.5m for a 3-year programme under the Young Londoners Fund - Haringey Community Gold (HGC). This represents an extensive programme of activity across a consortium of Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) delivery partners including delivering activity at neighbourhood level across the borough.

Activity includes extensive outreach and engagement, employment support, sports and play, mentoring, mental health and leadership training. The programme is youth-led and through dialogue and relationship building, HCG is able to engage young people into many local initiatives.

The HCG programme continues to achieve remarkable results, despite the lasting impact of lockdown on the recruitment of participants.

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