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Rising Green Youth Hub Blog - Giving Haringey’s young people the chance to make real change

Tuesday 5 April 2022

We are giving our young kids in the borough the chance to make a real change for their peers.

With so much talent and creative thinking among our young people, we are now determined to make a difference and a brand, new youth hub – Rising Green – is going to be launched in the heart of Haringey this summer.

Working in partnership alongside architects Freehaus, JA Projects and representatives from Haringey Council, a group collectively known as ‘Wood Green Young Voices’ have co-designed and co-produced many aspects and elements of this project – from its architectural design, brand, name and logo to what its programme will offer young people.

Please read the branding documents for more information:

The building designs, colours and working titles for the youth hub have all been influenced by the Wood Green Young Voices and their lived experiences of Wood Green, with the selection of proposed names and logos then being put to a public vote.

While learning about architecture and the design process, they’ve also developed digital and visual skills too during their virtual co-design and co-production workshops.

Aimed at young people between the ages of 11 and 19 and those up to 25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), this inclusive and safe youth hub will offer them somewhere to relax and socialise, enjoy themselves in and learn.

With support from the Greater London Authority (GLA) via the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund, the youth hub will provide a broad range of activities such as:

  • Employment and life skills workshops
  • Informal education, arts and sports
  • Music: production/design/business development
  • Podcasting/Film production
  • Training kitchen/Café area
  • Web design/digital design

The Rising Green Youth Hub is set to be launched by the middle of this year, with building improvement works having already commenced at the site of the former BrightHouse store at 2 Lymington Avenue (N22 6JG).

The Wood Green Young Voices will reveal the logo for it on Haringey Council’s social media platforms.

Here’s just a small snippet of what people have had to say about the Rising Green Youth Hub so far.

One of the Young Voices involved in the project, Jasmine, 14, from Wood Green, said:

“I’ve loved being part of the Wood Green Young Voices. It’s provided me with so many amazing insights into people’s views on Wood Green as well as London as a whole, and the diversity of the group ensure that all views are represented.

“The group has meant a lot to me and it was the highlight of my day on many occasions. It’s been amazing to see the youth hub grow from a mere concept into something really quite amazing and I will 10,000% be visiting :).”

Jonathan Hagos and Jayden Ali, Directors at Freehaus and JA Projects respectively, said in a joint statement:

“London’s high streets and community institutions need to be safe and welcoming, representing their daily users.
“It has been an honour to work alongside the Wood Green Young Voices to collaboratively design a youth hub that reflects their diverse agendas and supports their ambitions.
“The new youth hub is guided by the need for a considered retrofit of an existing high street retail unit and a design that embraces circular economy principles.
“Together, we’re delivering a youth hub of the future, for the future; offering a dynamic and nurturing space for the young people of Haringey to inhabit and grow.”

Jonathan Hagos at Rising Green Youth Hub

The youth hub has also garnered a fair amount of local media attention, coverage and interest too (external links):

Rising Green Youth Hub

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