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Welcome to Aspire, Haringey's Children in Care Council

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Aspire is a youth-led group for young people in care and leaving care in Haringey. The Leadership Team, all young people who have been in care in Haringey, meet weekly to plan events, discuss emerging themes for young people in care with local decision makers, consult with groups and services who work with young people in care/leaving care and try to represent their voices.

Anneke Fraser-Phillip, Consultation and Participation Officer

Anneke Fraser-Phillip, Consultation and Participation Officer and lead for Children in Care and Care Leavers Council, described Aspire’s work as “giving young people (11 to 25-years-old) in the borough the chance to feel empowered, have a voice and allow them to understand their rights and entitlements in the system.”

Based out of Bruce Grove Youth Centre, Anneke told us that: “there are 16 regular young people who attend the Aspire sessions…the truth is that there could be as many as 400 young people with Haringey Council as their corporate parents. Most of these young people are in the borough, however some can be living as far away as Scotland.” Anneke is working to ensure that Aspire’s work is well communicated and engaging more children in care and care leavers to benefit from the service.

Work includes personal development and vision work; Aspire supports some of the most vulnerable young people to thrive in every aspect of their life as anyone else would. Young people feel being a part of Aspire allows them to talk openly and express themselves with others in similar situations as sometimes they feel judged or embarrassed.

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What does Aspire do?

The group ensures that looked after children are part of the decision-making process which shapes their lives.

What has Aspire achieved?

There are lots of things that Aspire is working on. You can check out some of their Aspiring Developments and they have also been working hard to pull together a list of all the things that you are entitled to, so check back for further updates.

In November we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from Ann Graham, she joined an Aspire meeting and answered questions about her role as Director of Children & Young Peoples Services.

Care Proceedings Report

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Aspire pledge

The complete Aspire pledge is available to read:

It includes a description of Aspire and covers the seven pledges with detail and explanation.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19, emotional health and wellbeing resources:


Read the latest Aspire newsletter:

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How to get involved

If you are in care or leaving care in Haringey and are interested in finding out more about the Aspire Leadership Team or becoming an Aspire member then please contact Anneke Fraser:

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