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Bruce Grove Youth Space

Bruce Grove Youth Space 6 Week Programme

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Following on from our successful Summer Programme of Activities that took place this year. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Grove Youth Space (BGYS) is back with a six-week programme of events starting on Monday 14 September 2020 up until the October half term.

We will continue to follow the latest governments guidelines, as we did throughout this summer’s activities, consisting of:

  • Social distancing
  • Temperature taking
  • Hand sanitisers in all areas of the building
  • A one-way system in the building/outside areas
  • Using masks/face coverings, gloves and other PPE equipment that is available to us
  • And (like schools) we will have young people in bubble groups

As the Government guidelines continue to change we will follow the latest advice and amend the programme if needed.

Please feel free to contact the Youth Centre directly if you have any further questions or concerns.

We will look forward to seeing you all soon.

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About the activities

BGYS run a six-week programme that offers a selection of fun, positive activities to engage young people’s interests. The programme is accessible to all of Haringey's young people aged 10 to 19 and up to 25 years of age with SEN.

We offer a range of sports to encourage healthy lifestyles, specific activities targeting girls, new experiences, a focus on developing life skills and promoting inclusion of young people with SEND,

We will offer you new challenges, new experiences that will stretch your knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable you to reflect upon yourselves as individuals in order that you fulfill your potential to contribute as positive members of the community.

The programme aims to support your physical and emotional wellbeing by taking part in positive activities that you would not normally have access to.

Our aims are to:

  • Promote emotional wellbeing
  • Promote community spirit
  • Empower young people
  • Social engagement
  • Young people being in a safe space

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Timetable of activities

Six-week programme - 14 September to October half term

We provide several activities including sports, gaming, creative outlets, and most importantly, an environment where you will be supported by our staff and volunteers.


  • 5pm-7pm: Young Carers Group


  • 4pm-6pm: Music Production, Gardening Project, Table Tennis
  • 6pm-8pm: Boxing and Fitness, Music Production


  • 4pm-6pm: Self defence
  • 6pm-8pm: Sanjuro Disability Group


  • 4pm-6pm: Music Production, Chess club, Photography, Table Tennis
  • 6pm-8pm: Music Production, Badminton, Football, Red Table Talk


  • 4pm-6pm: Table Tennis, Cooking, Girls workshop, Film Making, Music Production
  • 6pm-8pm: Podcast, Football, Music Production

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Young Carers

Young carers group is for young people who have caring responsibilities to participate in from the ages of 11 years old to 18 years old (up to 25 with SEN). We provide a range of activities and support to help with your engagement and help you to build resilience. The group also takes part in offsite activities such as residentials and day trips to offer respite and access to new experiences.


We have a lovely little area on site for our budding green-fingered young people! Here you are given the opportunity to learn of all the wonderful plants, fruits and vegetables that grow in the garden. Additionally, you will learn how to maintain and support the growth of foods and how to cook tasty meals with them. This activity is offered twice weekly and proves extremely interesting. The activity is great for you to obtain life skills which can most definitely be carried through to adulthood and transferred to family.


Football is one of the most requested activities on our programme of activities. Young people attend the project and participate in sessions that promote the importance of warming up before a game of football. You will learn mobility exercises, dynamic stretching, individual ball manipulation and team ball work. Each session expands from the previous session and includes skills practice with emphasis on specific football scenarios, allowing you to try out techniques and tactics to solve the challenges that you encounter in the game.


This is a great activity for young people to play at any level. The sessions give you the chance to learn, develop and practice your shots. It’s an amazing opportunity to promote fitness and sporting activities here at Bruce Grove.

Sanjuro Self Defence

The sessions aim is to support young people up to the age of 25 years old, who are disabled to take part in martial arts. The session is for you to learn the techniques of mixed martial arts for all levels and abilities. We have an excellent fully qualified instructor who will teach you about body movement, discipline in self-defence, general fitness regimes, building confidence and learning how to feel more safe and secure on the streets. The class is extremely popular and grows weekly.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is the most attended activity at Bruce Grove. Young people of all ages and levels attend consistently. We have a brilliant coach who teaches the rules of the game, how to serve and return, strokes points scoring, how to move the body and how to play as a single player or in doubles. Our young people love this game and it has credited them with skill in a sport that's known worldwide. Attendees that get to an advanced level will get the opportunity to represent Bruce Grove Youth Space in competitions against other youth teams, organisations and schools.

Red Table Talk

We will have a red table talk each week, which highlights the challenges that adolescents may face or have faced in the past using different techniques and interventions. It is an opportunity for you to gain an understanding of different topics that affect you and be able to speak openly about your experiences. It is also aimed at reducing the chances of young people being at risk of offending and not feeling isolated with difficulties they may be experiencing, raising awareness around mental health issues and sexual health.

Girls Group

The girls group takes place each week on a Friday evening. The group is aimed at girls aged from 13 to 19 years old and helps to develop resilience and enhance life skills. Each week different themes and topics will be covered such as Sexual Health Workshop, Safer London, Healthy Lifestyle Workshop and a film night with popcorn! It is an opportunity to socialise with other young girls to improve your social skills, gain peer support, self and general awareness and build your self-esteem and confidence.

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Register now

Use our online application form to become a member and register your interest in the six-week programme activities.

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Our policies

Membership Policy

  • To help us plan and promote activities, everyone using Youth Space needs to have taken out a membership
  • Please help to make the centre an enjoyable place by showing all centre users and staff equal levels of respect

Security Policy

  • The centre is a substance-free environment, please do not bring drugs and alcohol or prohibited
  • Bags should be left in the lockers available and only will be brought into the centre in exceptions circumstances. All bags brought into the centre will be searched

Safety Policy

  • All participants will be asked to ensure that they use hand hygiene throughout the day while at the centre
  • Anyone who is feeling unwell, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, should stay home and self-isolate
  • If you arrive – or become – unwell, you will be sent home
  • Please respect the on-site social distancing measures


  • Please co-operate if you are asked to leave the centre
  • Refusal to leave may lead to the police being called

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If you want any more information about this centre or its activities, or if you'd like a free tour, please email us at or contact Akin on 07870 157 613 and Alison on 07896 823 041.

  • Bruce Grove Youth Centre
    10 Bruce Grove
    N17 6RA
  • Tel: 020 8493 1003

Centre opening times

  • Monday: 5pm-7pm
  • Tuesday: 4pm-8pm
  • Wednesday: 4pm-8pm
  • Thursday: 4pm-8pm
  • Friday: 4pm-8pm


  • Buses: 123, 149, 243, 259, 279, 318, 341, 349, 476, W4
  • Nearest train station: Bruce Grove

See Bruce Grove Youth Centre on Google Maps (external link).

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