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Local Further Education Providers

College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London

Why choose to study at our College

  • Conel logoOur courses will give you the skills and knowledge that employers want. Our learners go on to get jobs
  • Our facilities are similar to those in industry, so you will be learning on top of the range equipment and you will be taught by teachers with industry experience
  • Our courses will give you the skills and knowledge that universities want. Around 500 of our learners go to university each year
  • Our Apprenticeships will give you a wage while you achieve your qualifications, working for your employer and training at College
  • Our higher education courses range from HNCs and HNDs, equivalent to the first and second year of a university degree – and to foundation degree and postgraduate qualifications


Visit the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London website (external link) today for more information, or call our Course Information line on 020 8442 3422.

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Haringey 6th Form Centre

Haringey 6th Form Centre is a newly built campus providing students with the most modern and well equipped faculties in the country with excellent teaching and support staff and a wide range of academic and vocational courses to suit all ability levels and interest.

Why choose Haringey 6th Form Centre?

  • It's different: this is the only centre in Haringey dedicated to offering full-time courses for 16-19 year olds. You will be treated like an adult but offered the support you need to ensure you succeed
  • It's safe: every aspect of the campus is safe and secure for you and your belongings
  • Listening: students are the of the centre, so your opinions are important, whether they are on the services on offer, feedback on the teaching and learning you're experiencing or suggestions for improvements
  • Accessible: just a few minutes' walk from White Hart Lane station and Tottenham High Road, the campus is located on White Hart Lane, a key route through Tottenham, so it is easy to reach

Further information

To request an application form you can email or call 020 8376 5951 and leave your details.

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Tottenham UTC

The key features of all UTCs are:

  • Pupils are aged 14-18. Students can transfer to the UTC at Year 10 and Year 12
  • UTCs deliver the core curriculum as required by the government but they devote a high percentage of time to technical, work related learning
  • Each UTC has its own technical specialism and state-of-the-art equipment in order to teach the specialist subjects offered
  • UTCs are led by a University and local employers, ensuring that the education on offer is up to date and relevant to the future local economy
  • Learning is through doing. The Tottenham UTC will deliver the curriculum through employer led projects
  • Policies and practice at UTC are designed to prepare young people for work:
    • pupils wear business dress rather than traditional uniform
    • the school day is longer to mirror the working day
    • expectations of behaviour, punctuality etc. are as they would be at work
  • UTCs commit to ensuring that at 18 all students reach one of three destinations: University, further training (e.g. Higher Apprenticeship) or work

Find out more

Please visit the Tottenham UTC website (external link) to view the prospectus, find out how to apply and more.

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