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Youth Council 2019

On Wednesday 20 February 2019 we will be welcoming young people from all across Haringey to our quarterly Haringey Youth Council Meeting at the iconic Alexandra Palace. The event will be hosted in the Transmitter Hall between 5pm and 8pm. Our young attendees will work together to create solutions for the biggest problems faced by our friends and peers in the community, targeting Youth Crime, Mental Health and Exclusion from Schools. We will be enjoying a wonderful performance, food, drink and music while we work on making the community a better place for us all. So, if you are aged 11 to 19 and you live, work or study in Haringey, we invite you to our meeting on 20 February!  

If you are confident enough to make the community a better place, then so are we! Grab your tickets for the event here (external link)

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Youth Council 2018

UK Youth Parliament Election

We would like to invite young people to apply for the upcoming available UK Youth Parliament position. The role involves representing Haringey at the annual ‘House of Commons Debate’ as well as being a spokesperson for the young people of Haringey on a national and local level.

The process involves submitting a manifesto in under 150 words and a 45 sec campaign video; the finalists will then be invited to give a speech at the Haringey Youth Council Election Meeting on Tuesday 27 March, 6-8pm, at the Civic Centre, Wood Green, N22 8LE, where the vote will be held.

This opportunity is available for all Haringey residents and school attendees aged 11-18.

Click here for the full job description: UKYP Job Description (Word 246 KB) and UKYP Application Form (Word 246KB)

If you have any queries or would like to discuss this in more detail please do not hesitate to contact me on the details provided below:

Jean-Pierre Moore
Tel: 020 8489 3893
Mob: 07534 301 282

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Youth Council 2017 Events

Make Your Mark

A ballot was held last month involving young people from across the country. It was designed to highlight some key issues to be addressed throughout the coming year. 955,766 young people took part.

Youth Council Meeting - held on 27 September 2017

  • The theme for the meeting was Crime

The last Haringey Youth Council Meeting was held on the 27 September with over 20 young people representing schools and youth groups from across Haringey.

The 'Reverse Stop and Search' activity was eye opening for the young people having to experience a degree of the risks and challenges that officers face when conducting searches. It was interesting to see how difficult the young people found it trying to find the concealed weapons and drugs on the officers. It was also a good opportunity for young people to express how being searched themselves has made them feel in the past, giving the whole activity a two-way conversational feel.

We had some really pertinent questions asked of the Borough Commander, Helen Millichap in our Q and A session, with a number of actions to follow upon. These included issues raised regarding how to improve the service for young people with autism and their interactions with the police/CPS. There was also a request from the Haringey Hawks (current National Basketball Champions) to play the Met’s team in a charity fundraising match to help support the good work they’re doing at the Hawks, which we got a go ahead for as well.

So all in all a really good day!

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Come along and take part

Meetings are held at the Civic Centre, N22:

  • Council Chamber
    Civic Centre
    High Road
    Wood Green
    N22 8LE

View the Civic Centre map location (external link).

If you are interested in joining the Youth Council or have any queries about the meetings please contact us via the details below.

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