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Please use this form to register your interest in activities at Bruce Grove Youth Centre.

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Please indicate any medical condition you may have (e.g. asthma, epilepsy, etc.) and any medication that may be required. You are responsible for informing the youth practitioners of any changes to this medical information as soon as possible.
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You need to read and agree to the following policies before submitting this form:

Membership Policy

  • To help us plan and promote activities, everyone using Youth Space needs to have taken out a membership
  • Please help to make the centre an enjoyable place by showing all centre users and staff equal levels of respect

Security Policy

  • The centre is a substance-free environment, please do not bring drugs and alcohol or prohibited
  • Bags should be left in the lockers available and only will be brought into the centre in exceptions circumstances. All bags brought into the centre will be searched

Safety Policy

  • All participants will be asked to ensure that they use hand hygiene throughout the day while at the centre
  • Anyone who is feeling unwell, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, should stay home and self-isolate
  • If you arrive – or become – unwell, you will be sent home
  • Please respect the on-site social distancing measures


  • Please co-operate if you are asked to leave the centre.
  • Refusal to leave may lead to the police being called.


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