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Youth Council Meeting Review

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Youth Council Meeting Review

The latest Haringey Youth Council Meeting was held on the 27 September with over 20 young people representing schools and youth groups from across Haringey.

The 'Reverse Stop and Search' activity was eye opening for the young people having to experience a degree of the risks and challenges that officers face when conducting searches. It was interesting to see how difficult the young people found it trying to find the concealed weapons and drugs on the officers. It was also a good opportunity for young people to express how being searched themselves has made them feel in the past, giving the whole activity a two-way conversational feel.

We had some really pertinent questions asked of the Borough Commander, Helen Millichap in our Q and A session, with a number of actions to follow upon. These included issues raised regarding how to improve the service for young people with autism and their interactions with the police/CPS. There was also a request from the Haringey Hawks (current National Basketball Champions) to play the Met’s team in a charity fundraising match to help support the good work they’re doing at the Hawks, which we got a go ahead for as well.

So all in all a really good day!

An article about this also appeared in the Haringey People Extra magazine. You can view this online here.

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