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Transition Day

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Transition Day

On Friday 16 March 2018 13 students from Devonshire Hill Primary School participated in a Transition Day delivered at Bruce Grove Youth Space, by Haringey’s Early Help and Prevention Service’s Youth Team, in collaboration with Safer London.

During the day each student was given the opportunity to engage with three workshops:

  1. Transition Workshop – exploring their hopes and concerns around their transition from primary to secondary school. What to expect from secondary school.
  2. Healthy Relationships Workshop – What does a healthy relationship/friendship look like? Peer pressure and grooming.
  3. Staying Safe Workshop – Staying safe on the streets and online safety.

This transition day was a complete success with all students thoroughly enjoying the day, whilst learning valuable strategies to assist them in their transition into secondary school.

The students all provided positive feedback on the day, including the following quotes:

"Today was amazing."

"I learnt how to keep myself safe."

"I can’t wait to come back here again."

"I learnt how to be a good friend."

"It was a fun day and no minute was a bore."

"I learnt how to distinguish between bad and good friends."

"This place is awesome."


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