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Deputy Mayor of London visits Bruce Grove Youth Space

Tuesday 4 July 2017

On 21 June Bruce Grove Youth Space had a visit from Matthew Ryder, Deputy Mayor of London. It was an opportunity for him to see some of the activities that take place, chat with staff and to meet the young people there.

Matthew attended a Sanjuro Martial Arts session at Bruce Grove Youth Space. Sanjuro, runs a Martial Arts class and DanceCombat class on a weekly basis for children and young adults who have Special Educational Needs. These sessions are designed to improve physical fitness and balance for young people. All young people are supported to find their strengths in order to increase their confidence and gain a better understanding of how to use these skills to stay safe. The young people who attend the sessions were given a  chance to show some of what they have learned from the classes.

Matthew also had a tour of the youth centre and spent time meeting the staff and volunteers who run the activities.


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