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Haringey Youth Council Leadership Team

Haringey Youth Council Leadership Team

Co-chairs (one male and one female)

The Co-chairs are the public face of the Youth Council and the leaders of the group during big meetings. They lead the big meetings, represent the Youth Council during events and meetings with councillors, council officers, partners and other.

One Member and One Shadow member of UK Youth Parliament 

The UK Youth Parliament is an organisation consisting of all the Youth Councils in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland that work on topics that are representative of the challenges faced in the UK as a whole. The members of the UK Youth Parliament represent their borough on a national level by taking part in events, residentials, debates and the annual Make Your Mark Campaign which gathers the voices of young people in each borough on what they believe are the topics that are the most challenging for them.

One Member and One Shadow member of the London Youth Assembly

Put together by the Mayor of London, the London Youth Assembly or LYA is a group consisting of all the Youth Councils within London that work together to address the biggest problems faced by young people in London. The members of the LYA Committee represent the young people within their borough at meetings and events throughout the year, working closely with the Mayor of London’s team to implement changes or developments for young people in London.

HYC Cabinet Member

The Cabinet members of the Haringey Youth Council are young people that have been elected into these positions, either by their school or during a Big Meeting. The role of the Cabinet Member, is to:

  • Take part in bi-weekly events Cabinet meetings
  • Represent the Youth Council to the best of their abilities during events, meetings, and consultations
  • Work as a team to identify and address the biggest challenges faced by young people in Haringey

Haringey Youth Council Member

Any young person who decides to attend the Big Meetings automatically become a member of Haringey Youth Council. These young people help the Cabinet Team find problems that they might have missed and help provide feedback on their experiences living in Haringey. The members are to:

  • Attend the Big Meeting, held every 3 months
  • Represent your school and youth groups
  • Provide insight into your experiences living in Haringey


  • All Youth Councillors will work within equalities guidelines and towards ensuring the Youth Council is inclusive and representative of all Haringey Children and Young People.
  • All Cabinet Members are expected to be committed and to attend HYC meetings and carry out HYC work.
  • All Cabinet Members are expected to be approachable and to communicate effectively with Youth Councillors and other young people.

You will receive support and guidance from the Youth Council Development Officer and others, to enable you to carry out your role as a Youth Councillor and/or Cabinet Member.

Please see our full structure here: Haringey Youth Space Structure (Word 116KB)

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