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HYC News

Welcome to HYC News, here you will find out what we get up to outside of our regularly scheduled meetings.

Take a look at one of the upcoming stars of our Haringey Youth Council, Shakira Dyer making the ‘Voice Newspaper’ today. Talking about our recent ‘Reverse Stop and Search’ Session which was held in partnership with Haringey Police and the Borough Commander Helen Millichap in our last Haringey Youth Council Meeting.

See the article as featured in 'The Voice' (external link).

November 2014

Update to HYC

You may have noticed we haven't begun the process to elect a new cabinet, we haven't forgotten but we have had to put some temporary measures in place.

We are committed to protecting the future of HYC and the legacy of work it has delivered, so during this interim stage monthly meetings will continue which HYC members will continue to plan and organise. As usual all young people are invited to these meetings. However there is no official cabinet as the current cabinet's elected term has ended. Members of the cabinet will continue to be heavily involved in HYC activities if they choose to be and all Haringey young people are welcome to help out in planning HYC activities.

We would like to thank all Haringey young people for continuing to support HYC and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

April 2014

UKYP residential trip

"The UKYP leadership residential was about how we members and deputy members of the UK youth parliament could progress and have a more successful term - for returning members - and where to begin for the newly elected members. The residential also provided us with a great space for social interaction with many other strong voiced young people. We were able to network with other members and that allowed us to gain knowledge and advise in schemes that we weren't as familiar with before then. Personally I benefited from my workshop group as we were supported in the planning out our 'next steps'. It was a fantastic opportunity for learning new things and teaching new things, whilst meeting several new people across the weekend. The residential in a way united our regions with closer links to other boroughs therefore it should hopefully lead to greater things in the future."

Daniel Njoku (DMYP)
UK Youth Parliament website (external link)

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February 2014

Meeting Prince Charles

Joe, Daniel and HRH Prince Charles"Joe Hopkins, Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) and Daniel Njoku Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP) were invited to a surprise meeting on Wednesday 5 February to talk to HRH Prince Charles about the great borough of Haringey. The amazing experience took place in the newly regenerated 639 Enterprise Centre, part of the Tottenham regeneration. This was an amazing experience for the both of them as they had the chance to talk about what Haringey and Tottenham has to offer, showing how much opportunity there is available for not only young people in Haringey but the wider community."

Daniel Njoku (DMYP)
UK Youth Parliament website (external link)

Meeting with the police

"On February 5th, the Youth Council had a meeting with the local Police where several issues were brought up, including safety which many young people in Haringey feel strongly about. From this, a youth friendly group was promised to be set up in order to help tackle these problems and start a dialogue between Police and Young people."

Haringey Youth Council

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January 2014

Community meeting

"Rozeena and Leon were invited to sit on the Safer Neighbourhood Panel. The panel consisted of lots of decision makers for Haringey and community members. Haringey Youth Council was representing the young people in Haringey to ensure that our views are heard. This puts young people nearer the decision makers who, until now, have failed time and again to listen to the youth. This is a step in the right direction."

Leon Stone, Haringey Youth Council - Male Co-Chair

YoungMinds - Partnership Work

Paul & Sean
"Haringey Youth Council and YoungMinds are looking to work alongside each other to spread the Anti-Bullying campaign which Haringey Youth council is starting this year. On the 21 January, Sean McQuaid and Paul Njoku from Haringey Youth Council attended the YoungMinds campaign launch in Central London. We arrived at a poetry club where we were met by a group of friendly and like-minded young people who were very passionate about this youth-led event which I think added to the already vibrant and lively atmosphere. The event was very engaging, youth-friendly and fun! The live entertainment on offer by extremely talented young people and the likes of the Britain’s got talent contestant - DJ Mc Nasty - made the night all the more fun. The Young Minds event had many young people in attendance from different areas of the country and I was excited to be a part of the start of what I hope to be something big."

Paul Njoku, Haringey Youth Council - Health & Wellbeing Secretary

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December 2013

Winter Event

Winter cake
Mmmm cake!

"To welcome the New Year and celebrate the past year’s achievements, we co-hosted an outstanding winter event with Aspire (Children in Care Council in Haringey). The aim for the event was to integrate different youth groups available for young people in Haringey. The event took place at Bruce Grove Youth Centre and catered for over 70 young people. The event included different team bonding activities, fantastic music provided by young volunteers and outstanding food provided by the local community. Haringey Youth Council and Aspire ended the evening with a cake competition. The cakes were baked by the young people and judged young people. We at Haringey Youth Council are looking forward to a great year ahead and we are hoping to have as many young people as possible on board with us!"

Haringey Youth Council

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