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Mental Health Warning Signs

Mental health problems are real, painful and can be severe. They can lead to school failure, loss of friends, or family conflict. Some of the signs that may point to a possible problem are listed below.

Are you feeling

  • very angry most of the time, cry a lot or overreact to things
  • worthless or guilty a lot
  • anxious or worried a lot more than other young people
  • grief for a long time after a loss or death
  • extremely fearful-have unexplained fears or more fears than most kids
  • constantly concerned about physical problems or appearance
  • frightened that your mind is controlled or is out of control.

Experiencing big changes, for example

  • doing much worse in school
  • lost interest in things you usually enjoyed
  • unexplained changes in your sleeping or eating habits
  • you avoid friends or family
  • you are daydreaming a lot and can't get things done
  • you feel life is too hard and suicide has crossed your mind
  • you hear voices that cannot be explained.

You are limited by

  • poor concentration; can't make decisions
  • inability to sit still or focus attention
  • worry about being harmed, hurting others, or about doing something "bad"
  • the need to wash, clean things, or perform certain routines dozens of times a day
  • thoughts that race almost too fast to follow
  • persistent nightmares.

Source Mental Health Care website (external link)

If you would like to find out more on mental health or would like to have an informal discussion with someone visit a mental health contact.

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