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What is Haringey Youth Council?

Haringey Youth Council exists to represent the views of young people in Haringey.

It provides a voice for young people aged 8-19 years (or up to 25 with a disability), enabling them to make their views heard by everyone in Haringey.

There are 8 major aims of the Haringey Youth Council:

  1. To represent the views of all children and young people in Haringey
  2. To work to ensure that every child and young person in Haringey is happy, healthy and safe
  3. To give views to the Council and partners on various issues affecting children and young people
  4. To contribute to the operation and monitoring of the Haringey Children and Young People’s Plan-Changing Lives
  5. To manage the election of two Youth Councillors to represent Haringey on the UK Youth Parliament
  6. To work to improve the quality of life and opportunities for children and young people in Haringey
  7. To work to improve the range and quality of activities and places to go for young people in Haringey
  8. To work for improved understanding and unity between different groups of young people
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Training and support

The Youth Council is supported by Youth Involvement Officers and the Children and Young People’s Service. Training for young people is accredited through AQA, ASDAN and Millennium Volunteers.

Training includes:

  • Minute taking
  • Team building
  • Media skills
  • Listening skills
  • Understanding of how Haringey Council works
  • Help to build confidence in public speaking
  • Support for UK Youth Parliament elections and elected members
  • Understanding local democracy
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What will be your responsibilities?

  • Youth Councillors will represent the views of their school, college or youth group, at the HYC
  • Youth Councillors will lobby Full Council, MPs and the Government.
  • Youth Councillors will represent Haringey on the UK Youth Parliament.
  • Youth Councillors will work hard for the benefit of children and young people in Haringey.
  • Youth Councillors will oversee the election of a Young Mayor if HYC decides to have one.
  • Youth Councillors will give some of their free time to undertake Youth Council work.
  • Youth Councillors will actively promote the HYC, and ensure that children and young people in Haringey aspire to become youth councillors in the future.
  • Youth Councillors will work within equalities guidelines and towards ensuring HYC is inclusive and representative of all Haringey children and young people.
  • Youth Councillors will work to promote a more positive image of children and young people.

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