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Unity Radio

Do you have an interest in current affairs, media or music? Are you a technical enthusiast who loves editing, music production, sound engineering?

Even if this is all new to you, but you have the desire to learn new skills, then come on board and join Unity Radio.

Hit TeamWANTED: Opinionated Young People

The HIT Team (Haringey Investigation Team) are a group of young people who work undercover as secret mystery shoppers to see how well our projects are doing.

You will be trained to be a HIT agent and visit Youth Provision that is being delivered by the new Youth, Community and Participation Service and the Voluntary Sector. As an HIT inspector you will report back on what you feel was a “hit” and what was a “miss” to Youth Practitioners, Team Leaders, Head of Service and Haringey Councillors.

If you are between 13-19yrs old and would like to join the HIT team, please contact Joyce by email

Know your rights!

Person with speakerphoneMost young people don't know much about their rights. But whether it's about school, your rights as a consumer or your rights if the police decide to stop you, it always makes sense to know what your rights are.

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